Taranta Night 2020 TwentyThree Edition - #Taranta23


The new Maestro Concertatore who will oversee the program of the Tour2020, the Traveling Festival and the Concertone2020 of La Notte De La Taranta 2020 - #Taranta23 was presented in Melpignano on 13 December 2019. The edition number twenty three will be orchestrated by Paolo Bonvino. The taranta23 conception and waiting phase officially begins (#Taranta23).

The presentation conference of the concert master took place at the headquarters of La Notte della Taranta in Melpignano, in the presence of the Councilor for Tourism and Cultural Industry, Management and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Puglia - Loredana Capone, of the Governor of Puglia - Michele Emiliano, and of the Mayor of Melpignano - Ivan Stomeo. The designation communicated as early as 11 December 2019 took place well in advance of past years, this confirming the planning and choice of a high artistic-cultural profile for the Festival of La Notte della Taranta which every year, only for the evening of the final concert, hosts well more than 250 thousand presences to which all participants in the evenings of the International, National and Summer Itinerant Festival in August only in Salento must be added. It is a beautiful and unique artistic-musical journey to the sound of pizzica. Salento folk music and contaminations of the various musical genres and cultures of the territories visited and embraced during the Tour. The identity in Salento music assembles, is enriched with many national and global ties, directly in a single show that culminates in the final evening of the Concertone Final in Melpignano this year scheduled for Saturday 22 August 2020.



Paolo Bonvino is one of the most acclaimed Italian soundtrack authors, he has collaborated with directors such as Giovanni Veronesi, Carlo Verdone, Gabriele Muccino and Paolo Virzì. Bonvino will bring the scent of cinema to #Taranta23.



The popular music of Salento evolves further in its path of enrichment and contamination, shifting from the classic imprint given in 2019 by the master of Bari origins, Fabio Mastrangelo, to the cinematographic ones of Paolo Buonvino for the 2020 edition #Taranta23.

Buonvino of Sicilian origins, began his musical and cinematographic career with "The Octopus 8", subsequently affixing his seal on a long series of feature films and offering his creativity to directors such as Giovanni Veronesi, Davide Marengo, Carlo Verdone, Gabriele Muccino and Paolo Virzì. Paolo Bonvino was an assistant to Franco Battiato, he distinguished himself by characterizing his musical imprint alongside Muccino for "The last kiss" and "Like you no one ever" films that earned them the Rota prize at the Venice international exhibition, in 1999; he received seven nominations for the David di Donatello for best musician, winning in 2008 with the film "Caos calmo" by Antonello Grimaldi. In the last three years he has placed his signature on "Renaissance" for the series "The Medici" starring Skin, on "One step away" by Elisa guest in #Taranta22 in 2019; not forgetting the arrangements for "Kiss me again" by Jovanotti and "Tutto può succedere" by Giuliano Sangiorgi  of the Negramaro musical group. After the disignation as Maestro Concertatore for #Taranta23, Paolo Buonvino wasted no time and went immediately to Salento to meet the Orchestra of La Notte della Taranta to begin to conceive and structure the path that will have the flavor of cinema and will compose the Tour 2020, the Itinerant Festival in Salento (preamble of great depth and enhancement of the Grecìa Salentina, of the Puglia and Salento territories with the cultural and musical territorial laboratories of Salento) and at the end of the Final Concertone in Melpignano to be held in the Piazzale Ex Convento of the Augustinians in Melpignano on Saturday 22 August 2020.

Paolo Buonvino said: “I am really happy to start this journey. I wanted this adventure to start very early so that the meeting with the musicians, scholars and professionals could be as thorough and intense as possible., The pizzica, a symbol of union and healing, offers me the opportunity to develop a synthesis of values that belong to me deeply. Puglia, as well as my Sicily, are wonderful lands, unique and rich in history. I am proud to have been called to bring my musical imagination into the Salento traditions full of meaning. The energy and inner motivation that are the profound thrust that brings me here, I hope will give the best synthesis of everything we will be able to build together by combining our stories and our sensitivities on August 22. We will thus give music that authentic and fundamental role to make us all feel united ”.


Video - Paolo Buonvino - First impact and statements by Maestro Concertatore 2020 for # Taranta23



This page will be updated throughout 2020 and until the Final Concertone of Melpignano on Saturday 22 August 2020 with all updates and preparations relating to the twenty-third edition of the Notte della Taranta.

We wish all fans happy reading and invite them to follow us numerous.




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Saturday, 22 August, 2020 - 19:00
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Saturday, 22 August, 2020 - 19:00
Video - The first meeting between the Popular Orchestra and the Maestro Concertatore Paolo Buonvino. Listening and emotions. Exchange of looks and notes. #Taranta23 starts
Paolo Buonvino - Decadence (soundtrack "I Medici")


Via del Fosso, snc 

Lucugnano - Tricase - Lecce



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